Why Rent A Food Truck?

Buying a food truck is always an option for your business,
but there are good reasons to consider leasing:

Save Money

For a temporary event, kitchen remodel, or construction project, it can be considerably cheaper to rent a fully equipped mobile kitchen for the duration of your event or project, than to purchase a similar trailer.

Conserve Cash

Cash flow is king! By leasing a trailer you preserve your cash reserves. Use your cash to purchase inventory, equipment, advertising, or save it to float your business through rough patches. Conserving your cash reserves gives your business or project runway to succeed.

Conserve Your Credit

Just like preserving your cash, by renting your food truck you can preserve your available credit. Save your line of credit for an emergency, and keep your credit score high by keeping your available credit ratio high.


Leasing a food trailer gives your business flexibility. Rent a trailer when you need it and don't worry about long term storage issues or reselling a trailer you purchased and no longer need.

Tax Deductible

Your lease payments can be a tax deduction for your business!

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